Foursome – Season 5. Ep. 5

Pafu01 say i need real name traci plss

Dobaman2 say Girls like MIchelle shouldnt b in this show, they tend to spoil the fun for everyone. She really sucks!!!!

Eroticareader42 say I believe traci is Kendra Lust but am not sure

Bigtitman say I saw Jonathan on an episode of playboy's The Man. Get this, I recognize him from Naked and Afraid! He was in the Maldives and got sunburned really bad.

Johnschnee say traci is tanner mayes

Khetu4U say michelle needs a man to love not fuck

Ninobrown8X6 say TJ is TJ Cummings who has been in porn for years. Who you they think they are fooling with this casting. For the record im not sure why TJ is frontin because his mouth has been on plenty of cocks and he is pretty good at it.

Randomdude305 say Michelle was a lame tease and i cant stand when girls like her come on these shows just to act like a prude. And Julie was great but she dropped the ball at the end. So glad those new girls came in to save the day for the guys (and this episode lol).

Vietanhnguye say What is Jonathan real name?

Coachbubba say Michelle is a ball-busting bitch. She is in this Foursome clip and in the Playboy Cougar series. There isn't anything attractive about her, especially her poor lopsided boob job.

Length: 26 min

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