Living Doll (1987)

dalulz say when he called amber lynn "one stupid bitch"

Hermancm say Awesome film. Nina sexy as always. Her tan lines are hot.

Burpfartsnot say my two favorites from the 80's taija and amber and i had to wait over 45 minute to see them but worth it

nina man say Wow does she look fantastic here!

Ilovemilfcreampies say One of the first movies I jerked off to....found in my pop’s porn stash. I’m looking for satisfactions, that blonde that fuks the work crew is HOT. All the chicks fuk so good and are hot, that was my fav porn ever

Chishute say Man how I wanted to fuck Sharon Mitchell back in the day.

bobbi say thats one of the nuttiest porno's ever

Cockahog say Caveat emptor: Sharon Mitchell (aka the most revolting pig in porn until Jeanna Fine stole the title) ruins the movie for me.

Ademar-Amancio say Steve é o mais bonito,falta-lhe um certo traquejo,Os planos deviam ser mais abertos.

Ademar-Amancio say O melhor do filme é Steve Drake,sem discussão.

Length: 72 min

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